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Engaging a lawyer can be an intimidating process…

…especially for those who do not typically find themselves in the position of requiring their services. Sure, you may need a Lawyer to buy a home or perhaps to have your will drawn up.  But for the vast majority of people this is where the need ends.

However, in any situation that goes beyond such straightforward matters, the relationship between a client and his or her lawyer can become a difficult one. Unfortunately, it is an all too rare circumstance where a matter concludes and a client is entirely satisfied with the legal services provided.

What is the cause of this dissatisfaction? Why are so many people so disinclined to recommend the lawyer they retained to a friend, colleague or family member? It very often comes down to one simple reason – THE LAWYER’S FEES.

Do not pay your lawyer’s bill until…

…you talk to us first. There are so many misconceptions and unknowns surrounding what exactly it is that a lawyer does and how they do it, and sometimes even more importantly, what they bill for their work. This lack of transparency is never a good thing for the client.

Typically a person feels completely disabled from obtaining any relief should they engage in a dispute with their own counsel over their fees. They are the lawyers, after all. They know the rules and how to play the game.  How on earth can you fight those who possess the instruction book and don’t give you so much as a glimpse of it, let alone advise you as to where you might obtain your own how-to manual?


We have a MISSION

It starts with telling you that you are not nearly as unarmed as you might think. Too many lawyers operate in a bubble of arrogance. They feel no need to bill or account for their time in terms that are straightforward and easily understood.  Just about every other business feels obligated to render bills that make sense to their customers.  But a large swath of the legal profession prefers to maintain a veil of wizardry around what it is that they are actually doing, making it more difficult if not impossible for a layperson to determine what exactly it is they have received by way of legal services, and whether what they paid is appropriate for those services.

The key is to have the tools to expose the Wizard behind the curtains, as it were. We are here to give you those tools.

Dorothy had her little dog Toto to tug the green velvet drapes away – and you have us.

Whether you are currently being represented by counsel and are unsatisfied with an account for services you have received, or are no longer represented and would like to dispute the amount of your final bill (whether you have paid it or not) but are uncomfortable and not sure on how to go about doing so to achieve the outcome you desire, BV Consulting Group is here to help you.

We have seen it all, and are experienced in reviewing accounts for corporate, family law, litigation and other matters.  Our services are available to both individual and business clients.


BV Consulting Group provides comprehensive in-depth analysis of legal accounts.  We possess some 25 years of legal experience in most substantive areas of law, both from the perspective of issuing these egregious invoices and not feeling comfortable in doing so as well as being on the receiving end of such accounts as in-house counsel and corporate professionals.

We have three essential service offerings, each of which will assist individuals or businesses at different points in their relationship with their counsel.Whether 1) through your use of our Rules of Engagement package, or 2) engaging us for our hands-on review and auditing service, or  3) through your use of our Do-it-Yourself Dispute Kit, we are confident and guarantee that using our proven methods and assistance you will save a significant multiple of the cost of our service offering.

  • 1
    Rules of Engagement
    ENGAGING counsel either for the first time or as a part of a transfer of your matter from one lawyer to another and need to establish the “rules of the game” for your counsel before they establish them for you?
  • 2
    Accounts Review and Dispute Services
    Are you BEWILDERED by a recent legal account received?
  • Have you been doing a SLOW BURN while staring numbly at the incoming accounts of your lawyer, and now find yourself at your wit’s end?
  •  As a small-to-medium-sized business are you INUNDATED with ongoing accounts that are eating away at your bottom line?
  • 3
    Do-it–Yourself Auditing Kit
    Are you FRUSTRATED with your lawyer’s fees and accounts but feel motivated and capable of dealing with the matter yourself if given a handbook of essentials?